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Bernd Mai, EFIAP-MFIAP, born 1957 in Dortmund - Germany, married, one child.
Portfolio "Underground":
One started already at the end of the 19th century to improve with the planning of subways around the traffic in the cities of the world.
Street cars could cope with the traffic in the great metropolises but to some extent to shortly after the 2nd World War but it got heavier with every year of the economy miracle. E.g. average speeds between 4 and 13 km/h on the individual lines were a sad negative record in the operation of the street car in Munich.
The traffic always gained, in more the number increased fivefold alone between 1954 and 1967 for the car in the cities. No more way finally led to this over to tunnel the metropolises under for the public person short-distance traffic in the inside urban area.
A million people is transported underground daily in the cities like Munich, London or Paris today.
New stations, new design: in proportion to the "old" town stations whose arranging was planned partly already in the seventies, in the meantime, architecture has learned a great change. Renowned architects under cooperation of designers leave her handwriting at new U stations. "underground architecture is formed in the classic modern age and advances therefore to a public movement room "mobile people for mobile subways".
Meditative art concepts, light-flooded tunnel cover and a unique color design move the U stations of the modern times in a new and special light.
My portfolio "Underground" shows this modern urban architecture in connection with my own position. The pictures arose in different German and Austrian cities and connect the different characters in her absolute form to a uniform symbiosis out of form, light and color.
The picture series reflects the use of the subway stations - here triggered from the everyday dreary chimney in her different expressions as a public room of the movement.
Pictures arise in the head - behind the camera or in front of the monitor. The arrangement of positions and atmospheres is the central request of my pictures. This one attraction lies in the criticism more otherly and in my work that one of the observers sees in the truth. In the end of all: The truth lies in the eye of the observer!
My pictures shall remain in memory!
Photography is the language of the eyesight which can be understood everywhere in the world. This is it which the photography makes valuable and unique.
Boundlessly simple - simple boundless!
1984 first attempts in the photography
since 1988 numerous publications in photo magazines, photo books, television and internet
since 1990 participations in national and international photo competitions
since 1993 autodidactic photographic experiments. Under this also experiences with possibilities of digital processing of picture compositions2000 Guinnesss-con-world record-holder "the longest photo exhibition of the world" with 1650,20 meters
since 2001 member in the German Photography Assosiation (DVF)
since 2002 jury activities in a lot of various national photo competitions
since 2003 referent in different photo clubs with the topics "digital image processing", "the own photo book" and "international competitions - DVF and FIAP"
since 2004 member in a German photo club "Fotokunst AG Dortmund" in the DVF (since 2007 President)
since 2007 member of different workgroups with the topics "digital picture presentation on competitions" and "qualitäty improvement of judges" at the Westfalia Association of Photography
since 1990 numerous community exhibitions and publications round the globe
1997 individual exhibition in Café Muckefuck, Dortmund / Germany: "BodyART - pictures under the skin"
2001 individual exhibition in Galery Be, New Jersey / USA: "BodyART - pictures under the skin"
2001 individual exhibition in Lindenbrauerei Unna / Germany: "digitalART"
2005 invitation for the participation "Award-Winning #4" in Datteln / Germany
since 1999 much awards on national and international photo salons as well as various Medals, Honorable Mentions and Certificate of Merit on all level (national and international)
2003, 2004, 2005 "Joachim-Dürrich-Award" for the most successful photographer in Westfalia / Germany
2004 certificate of artist by the Federation of International Photographic Art (AFIAP)
2004 Retina-Bronze-Award of the German Association of Photography
2004 silver medal of the German Association of Photography for international successes - division digital
2005 and 2006 gold medal of the German Association of Photography for international successes - division digital
2006 Retina-Silver-Award of the German Association of Photography
2006 IRIS-Bronze-Honour of the Westfalia Association of Photography2007 choice of "d-pixx Photograph 2006" (German Photo-Magazine)
2007 certificate of excellence by the Federation of International Photographic Art (EFIAP)
 Jury Members - Four Seasons Award Bernd Mai - Vincitore del Grand Prix 8, Four Seasons Award Controluce B&W on line photo contest, dal Premio Autunno 2009 è membro della giuria.

© photo by: Bernd Mai, EFIAP-MFIAP - Dortmund - Germany
Grand Prix 4 - Four Seasons Award On Line Photo Contest
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