Pavel Pecha - My Intuitive Theatre
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Born : August 1 1962 in Kremnica (Slovakia)
Studies : 1977 - 1981 Metallurgic High School, Banská Štiavnica (Slovakia)
1984 - 1987 The Institute of Artistic Photography, Prague (Czech Republic)
1989 - 1994 FAMU - Department of Photography, Prague (Czech Republic)
I live in two worlds. One is real and the second one is an alternative created from the negative of bad qualities of the real world. The second one is of higher value for me.
It is my mirror or my picture. It is changing by the incessant self - control, it is developing.
I am closing myself into this world little by little, maybe voluntarily, maybe as necessity, because this world is better and more perfect than the real one. It is nor pragmatic, logical, nor intolerancy or superficial. There is nothing to explain, it is filled by fantasy, absurd situations and play. Sometimes it is determined by the real world, then also violence and evil can appear in it. I use it as a mirror of the real world. I discover my world slowly, it is impossible to discover it at once.
And when I find something, soon it is changed. It is an exciting adventure. It is a touch of transcendent. I discover strange situations, surreal pictures, unexpected relationships. Sometimes it is just an idea, sudden gleam, other time just a feeling. Sometimes it is built up as a mosaic into the inexplicable picture, that can be percieved only by subconscience. Sometimes I mediate something from it, but the most beautiful picture I have in my head. This world has been developing continuosly, something from it remains forever, something changes all the time. It shows me the way. My existency becomes a motions between my world and the real world. It is the motion between sky and earth. More and more often I find myself just in my own world feeling intuitively that I do not belong into the real world anymore. I do not know whether I shall ever return...

Pavel Pecha   

Pavel Pecha intensively creates an illusion of the infinite, august space, rituals, rites evoking associations with remote historical times, the mythical period of mankind. However, into the world of collective memory Pecha deposits instants of individual horror, dismay, instants when we find our-selves buried to the waist in the ground, or are persecuted by unknown beings. Pecha's theatre opens the door to the subconscious, sends on to the stage some deeply expenenced anxiety. And all the time he constantly poses the question about the existence or nonexistence of a collective, tragic or optimistic myth.
Pecha's radical subjectivity does not follow the road toward ignorance of history, does not speak of death, but of what has still remained of them for us, how much support we may seek in them, whether we can merge with them or not. The great majority of authors or staged photography realized their figural compositions in studios, or in interiors. Miro Švolík and Pavel Pecha included also outdoors. And Pavel Pecha was the only one to alter the landscape with a low horizon and illusion into a stage overcrowded with visions and dreams anxiously experienced by modern man.
(Vaclav Macek in "Slovak Photography 1925-2000" SNG Bratislava 2001)

Pavel Pecha by means of his Intuitive Theatre formed from the scenes constructed "en plain air" and made by himself offers the photographes with the motion-picture flavour. It is almost like preventive documentation about how the scene should be shot, it is the study of photographs through the acts, through the fixed pictures of one theatre: intuitive theatre, which frame is going to be developed, but it also includes the first steps of several hypotesis of descriptive development. All this operation mode is similar to the works of English director Peter Greenway, who arising from painting studies often design scenes with drawings and photographs, effect is immobility (motionlessness) and alienation which is close to a dream. Such effect is caused by spaciousness of the working field which is situated under the open sky and also by the composition which is not constructed in the first plan in American style, but it reaches the depth. Introduction of the groups of people - some of them dressed, some of them naked - on the stage also their disposition to the symbolic poses creates afflictive and melancholic atmosphere which is very close to Italian realistic cinematography. I would dare to say that at the first sight he reminded me Fellini's film "La Strada". But these acts constructed like this, refer to the tradition of wandering circuses and Gypsy life under the open sky with the strong blast of freedom. The author invites us to fill his by own intuitive theatre in the complementing osmose, where you can insert fragrance or personalities or ask for completing the scenes, or might appear in them.
Surreal matrix of these photographs informs us about the great "Slavic soul" which stands at the background of everything of it and which refers to a thin connection (photographs seems to be taken somewhere around Wienna) with Central Europe. Actual situation is supposed to be in the movement, and in great lines it hasn't been known to us, but with Pavel Pecha's presence we are starting to be familiar with it.
Boris Brollo (art critic) 1995


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Museum of Fine Arts - Houston - USA
Museet for Fotokunst - Odense, Denmark
Jan Koniarek Gallery - Trnava, Slovakia
Private collections in Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Czech rep.,USA...

© photo by: Pavel Pecha - Kremnica, Slovakia
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