Marcel van Balken - Mysterious
Ballroom Chamberofmyth Dreamland Football
For ever Freedomofprison Giftofflowers Roundabout
Soldiers Stone edge Swimmingpool Thejump

Marcel van Balken EFIAP/b-ELDAF (1958) has been a photographer in the Netherlands for about 25 years now. His work has won many awards, both nationally as well as internationally. Through the use of sophisticated darkroom (and later digital) techniques he is specialized in surrealistic imaging and able to produce all kinds of special effects namely in black and white.
As a photographer he is interested in specific themes with an absolute preference for surrealistic and creative photography as you can see in this portfolio. More themes and prize winning pictures are to see in his personal galllery 'Photure Image Gallery'.


photo by: Marcel van Balken - Netherlands
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