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Stanislav Domansky - Kromeriz - Czech Republic


Stanislav Domansky EPSA, H.ISF, EFIAP
Stan was born in 1956 small town Vracov in Moravia in the Czech Republic. He has been a member of the Photographic Society of America since 2000. Image sans frontiere 1997. Since childhood, he has been interested in artistic endeavors and liked painting and photography. But his passion for creating multimedia programs swayed him on the side of photography. He lives in Kromeriz with his wife and two sons. He does his work for the enjoyment of others. Makes multimedia projects and makes films. He has received numerous awards in photography and metals. This is not the purpose of his work, only that it shows the path that goes in the right direction. It works on calendars and collaborates with various cultural disciplines in leisure activities in Kromeriz. Stan does fine art photography and photojournalism. He exhibited in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. Most of his pictures and projects there is at home in Moravia. Life and cultural traditions people.
Vincitore del Grand Prix dal Premio Estate 2012 è membro della giuria on line.

Stanislav Domansky EPSA, H.ISF, EFIAP - Kromeriz - Czech Republic
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