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Salih Güler - Ankara - Turkey


Salih Güler was born 1959 in Ankara Turkey. Was graduated from university of economics and works free lance. Lives in Ankara with his school teacher wife Beril and 2 cats.
His photographic experience started in 2001 inorder to picture his cats and in 2004 he participated 100 international and national exhibitions and a workshop where he learned photography an an art.
He chose meis Van Der Rohe´s words "less is more" as his personel motto and tries to reduce the enviromental noise of today´s world and show only his personal reality in his photos. He says: " the beauty of life is in simplicity itself: to look for meaning in less ..... " and put a living thing in practically every one of this compositions. Some of his favorite photographers are: Gregory Colbert, Ron Fricke, Andre Kertez and Nuri Bilge Ceylan.
He likes watching basketball, football and action movies, reading comic books - especially "lucky luke"
He is crazy about animals and on his photo shoots he always has food to feed the animals.
-The Spider Awards - 2008 Photographer of the year
-The Spider Awards - 2008 Outstanding Achievement in silhouette
-The Spider Awards - 2008 Honor of Distinction in silhouette
- National Geographic Turkey - 2008 3rd place
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Photograhy Exhibition 2008
1 photo accomplishment reward
2 photo accepted
- 2008 Emek Rotary Photographer of the year reward
-The Spider Awards 2007 Fine Art Category - Honor of Distinction
- Internatioal Color Awards Master of Color Photography 2007
8 photographs in final
- National Geographic Channel and Nikon 2007 - "The Rising Star reward"
- Koç Allianz 2007 "Global Warming"
3 exhibitions
- Al Baraka Turk 2007
1 exhibition
- GIPUZKOA Internacional 2006
2 exhibition
- TC ministry of Culture 2006
2 exhibition
-Koç Allianz Turkey 2006
1 nomination
United Nation 2006
Purpose reward
Jury special award
Eczacilar Birligi 2006 Photograph Competition
1 Jury Special award
1 exhibition
The Al-Thani Award fot Photography 2006
6 photo accepted
XXXIV Trofeo Gipuzkoa Internacional 2006
2 photo accepted
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism 11.Photograhy Exhibition 2006
2 photo accepted
XL Concurso Fotografico De Bizkaia 2006 Internacional
2 photo accepted
SFK subject : "Tasitlar" 2006
1 Photo Accepted.
93 rd Southampton International Exhibition of Photography 2006
3 photo accepted
73 rd WIEP Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography 2006
5 photo accepted
Koç Allianz subject : "At" 2006
1 photo accepted
8 th Helsinki Exhibition of Photographic Art 2006
2 photo asccepted
Maitland International Salon of Photograpy 2006 Avustralia
2 photo accepted
Iris Aartrijke, Belgium
Internationnal Kleuren_Diasalon 37st Fotovierdaagse 2006
2 photo accepted
Der Fotowettbewerb 2005 "Donauweibchen" Austria
1 photo accepted
Novartis Photographers Exhibition subject : "Akan Zamana Ragmen" 2005
2nd Place and 1 Honorable Mention
International d´Art photgraphique - TULLE(France) FIAP 2005
"Lonely Ballerina" (Photo Accepted)
"Taxi in Lines" (Photo Accepted)
XXXIII. Trofeo Gipuzkoa Internacional FIAP 2005
"Lonely Ballerina" (MHFIAP)Honorable Mention
"Metal Workers" (Photo Accepted)
The Salon of Photography Denmark The Golden FIAP 2005
"Irem" (Photo Accepted)
Koç Allianz Turkey subject : "Zamana Direnen Tarih" 2005
3rd place and 3 photo accepted.
Fotograf Dergisi subject : "Serbest" 2005
1 Photo Accepted.
SFK subject : "Evler" 2005
2 Photo Accepted.
Siirt Barosu subject : "Solan bir kentin renkleri" 2005
1st Place, 1 photo accepted
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism 11.Photograhy Exhibition 2004
1 Succession and 1 Photo Accepted.
Adana Rotary Club 2. International Photographic Exhibition FIAP 2004
1 Photo Accepted.
SKF subject : "Kent ve Yasam" 2004
1 Photo Accepted.
Chamber of Mining Engineers of Turkey 2004
2 Photo Accepted.
Turkish Geriatric Community subject : "Yaslanmak ama Ihtiyarlamamak" 2004
2nd Place and 1 Photo Accepted.
Kodak Turkish Photograher Exhibition 2004
1 Honorable Mention, 1 Photography Magazine Special Reward, 1 Photo Accepted.
Adana Rotary Club 1. International Photographic Exhibition subject : "Love" FIAP 2003
FIAP Honorable Mention, 1 Photo Accepted.
Yildiz Technical University International Photographer Exhibition 2003
2 Photo Accepted.
SKF subject : "Free" 2003
3rd Place, 1 Honorable Mention and 6 Photo Accepted.
Koç Allianz Turkey subject : "Turkey Family" 2002
1st Place in Colored. (Note: This was my first exhibition!)
Vincitore del Grand Prix dal Premio Primavera 2009 è membro della giuria on line.

Salih Güler - Ankara - Turkey
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