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Wilfried Hinz - Belp/Bern - Switzerland


I was born 1959 in Berne/Switzerland. Today I´m living together with my wife and my two children in Belp, near the Swiss capital Berne.
From 1996 - 1998 I learned the basic skills and techniques of a photographer at the School of Arts in Berne. From 1999 - 2001 I continued my studies together with the GAF 99 (Group autodidact photographers). With some of my pictures (series as well as single pictures) I have won more than 50 national and international awards and certificates.
Beside the photography I have another passion travelling around the world. I have set my foot on different continents: Australia, Asia, North- and Central America, Africa and almost all countries throughout Europe. Through my travels I have started taking pictures. I always found it very fascinating, to capture a split second for eternity. When later looking at this picture it brings back the whole variety of memories.
I work with equipment of LEICA and CANON. The 24 mm lens is my favourite lens for various situations. When it comes to portrait pictures I almost always chose the 90 mm lens.
I am not fond of studio photography. I always take pictures as they are in the moment.
I seldom plan a photo. I prefer clear and simple pictures. My motto in photography is: Less is more!
Vincitore del Grand Prix dal Premio Estate 2009 è membro della giuria on line.

Wilfried Hinz - Belp/Bern - Switzerland
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