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Piksin Thé - Amsterdam - Netherlands


Piksin Thé EFIAP
I was born in Indonesia in 1927.
After finishing my studies I moved to Amsterdam, and received the Dutch citizenship.
In this city I worked at the University of Amsterdam.
After my retirement in 1993, I began to learn photography seriously.
From the beginning on I am interested in creative work.
In the year 2000 I realize that for making creative images the digital method has advanced possibilities.
For this reason I stepped over to the computer and accompanying hardware and software, for the realization of my creative ambitions.
My work is exhibited in my website:
For contact, my e-mail address is:
Vincitore del Grand Prix dal Premio Estate 2008 è membro della giuria on line.

Piksin Thé EFIAP - Amsterdam - Netherlands
      Grand Prix        Jury Members - Four Seasons Award        Grand Prix       
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