Fernand Hick - Landscape
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Fernand Hick AFIAP, EFIAP, PSA5* Color Slides - Visé - Belgique
Formation : Studies of Photography, Liege St. Luc Institute.
I am a very personal and original photographer, whose working-method aims at tranferring in my images the feelings I experienced while shooting. I am above all an atmosphere photograph, and I wish to share these emotions with those and the one that look at my pictures.
My main themes are notably :
- The landscape with its magic and fleeting lights.
- The carnival and his fair ambience.
- The cemetery, witness of civilizations, sometime lulled of poetry and serenity.
- The city where the walls decorated by sreet artists give life to an environment often depressing.
- The city with his mood, lines, shapes and men.
- The fairground where the youth bursts itself.
- The graphisme, fine blending between form, colours and lights.
My atmosphere capture results from a subtle mixture between fuzzy zones and perfectly sharp zones. In my landscapes for example, I use the defocalisation technique that allows me to grasp the ambience. In my approach of carnival or fairground, I combine additional flashlight with long shutter speed and panning in order to express the atmosphere of the happening.
First of all, Photography allows me to dream. May I hope that my pictures sometimes give rise to another dream…
If you want to see more about my work, have a look at my personal website:
Curriculum vitae - curriculumvitae.doc - 35KB
Landscape Approach - landscapeapproach.doc - 27KB

Defocusing method ?

" The principle is to make two exposures on the same frame (thus without film advancing). The first one is sharp and the second one is defocused, that means blurred. Sometimes, the second one is also sharp, but with another focusing point.
" The superposition of the two exposures gives this effect. The difficulty result in the fact that you cannot appreciate the result before developping the film. That means try and try again.....
" This method is valid for tele lens. For wide angle you must apply this method during printing because defocusing does not give sufficient blurring. But the effect is not the same. In this case that are the black elements that are coming blurred above the white ones.
" It's also possible to do it on your computer with a Gaussian blur but the effect is also different. In this case you have simultaneously the black elements that are blurred and come above the white ones and also the white blurred elements that come above the black ones.
" You can also try with the Filter Diffuse glow applyed to a layer or to an inverted layer....

© photo by: Fernand Hick - Visé - Belgique
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